Achieve recruitment targets

The exponential growth of talent hiring has made it really hard for the recruiters to meet the best candidates. But what if you have tools like Plug and Narad which could totally eliminate the time spent during the traditional recruitment process.

Find the right talent

The most difficult part of any recruitment process is finding the right candidate for a vacancy. Searching based on skills isn’t just enough. There are other parameters that should be considered while making this decision. The features like Vertexter and Ray Curve helps a lot while doing this.

Go Paperless

You heard that right. Starting from posting job to placing and on-boarding a candidate everything could be done without paper. With features like e-sign and Onboard it is for sure that you will enjoy a seamless process of placing candidates without the hassle of getting signatures on physical papers.

Increase revenue

Small or Large business depends and loves growth in revenue. We make sure that our software cares about your revenue and keeps learning based on your day to day use and make it easier to use. Decreasing time spent on a task indirectly increases revenue, especially when you are spending almost a full day on it.

Build your own database

May be indirect, but candidates do pay a good share in recruitment business. If a system is smart enough to track and bring out the right candidate as and when needed, the vacancies are filled faster and so do the bills! Tools like Foxy ensure that you are not just searching for a candidates who have applied directly to a job but could even bring them up out of your own database without even having to post a job!

Feel the power of cloud

Start, stop and continue wherever and whenever!
Restricting yourself to locally installed software which is only available on one or two systems and making you carry each time you plan to make a visit is just pushing you back with your work targets and directly hitting your sales revenue. The flexible cloud platform could be accessed from around the globe with a single login!

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Intuitive software

That knows what you need and works very close to you

We offer software that knows what you need, follows your work pattern and tries to reduce your daily work load. Forget about maintaining files and loaded work space, cloud has more space then we all think.

The system has an extra intelligence of judging whats needed and when it should be presented.

Say good bye to your manual process, we have it all automated for you

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Smart Support System

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