With this feature in place utilizing emails and adding candidates to the system is just a click away. Our tailor-made Outlook add-on can be used across all devices including Mac, Android, iOS and Windows. Not only this, you could also use it in browser, yes you heard it right, in Browser.

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Why limit the candidate to apply via portals? Narad enables an adhoc page to be built which would replicate the exact design of your client’s / Hiring Manager’s website from where they can allow candidates to apply. The more open recruitment channels you have available, the higher the response rate and brand awareness for your potential candidates.

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Many companies feel it is always better to find the candidate living near to the job location. Commuting long distances from remote places often ends up in frustration when it comes to following a routine of strict travelling. Vertexter helps to find or filter candidate based on radius from the job location and narrows the results so recruiters will only need to go through a very limited number of records. Confused?

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Ray Curve

Knowing the daily travel or journey of the candidate is a must before offering any job. This feature helps to track and display the possible journey of a candidate from the resident address to job location.

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No more hassle of printing, signing, stamping and then scanning to have a blurry copy of that document. With e-signatures, within just a couple of clicks and you go 100% paperless. Contribute to a greener Earth and save hours of work each day!

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On-boarding a candidate without having to send them physical documents and getting their consent with a simple click is what our process does. No more initial phone calls and no follow up meetings, just few clicks and you can send reminders, request documents and get them digitally signed.

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When the talent pool gets bigger then its not as easy to find something out of it, but not with tools like foxy. The reverse search engine will trace and bring out the exact match which you had been looking for before even posting a new job. Not only would it save the cost of posting a new job and following all the process again but also saves a huge amount of time by finding potential candidates within a few minutes which could have previously taken days or even weeks.

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