Your client is always updated

The portal keeps an update of each applicant and their progress. The Employer will always know where the candidate hiring process is right now and could make decisions right on the go. Its always good to keep your client updated with the process.

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Clients could have their own candidate progress

Its not always compulsory for your clients to use the same lingo and have exact same candidate progress options as you have. So our power and highly customizable gateway portal empowers the client to use their own progress but still have it mapped with system and utilize all the reports.

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Now your clients could directly raise adverts but still be in your control

The portal allows clients to raise adverts and input their own data without having to send it over to your team via email and then having to re-describe it. Along with saving time, it also ensures mind satisfaction as when its posted by self, its always good.

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Analyzing data is the most important thing

Our system supports a high level of ad-hoc reporting which allows clients to run various custom-made reports, which could be made on the fly or saved for future, allowing them to dig deeper into data analytics. Its good to know where the investment is making profit and where we are losing time or money.

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List is endless,

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