Apply for multiple jobs with a single click

Our job application process sense checks and enables candidates to apply on multiple jobs based on the information provided in the previous applications.

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Give candidates access to a complete list of jobs in one place

Candidates will not need to go on different job boards to find where the job has been posted. Any candidate registered on the site portal would be able to search based on various filters and apply to any number of jobs, no matter which job board they are posted on.

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Internal System messaging

During the application process starting from applying to placement, the candidate is required to communicate with the Hiring Manager or the Recruiter. Our software can speed up the process by allowing candidates to communicate via internal messaging system where they can directly send online messages to the recruiter or vice versa and receive responses back directly into the system so will save entering information manually.

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Tracking application progress

Starting from application to being hired, the actual process undergoes around 8 different steps. Candidate can easily track the application process from this self-service portal and know exactly what stage their application is at and where their application is in the current process.

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On-boarding process

The process of onboarding could be the longest part of any hiring. When it comes to getting documents signed and then forwarding, receiving it to and from different departments adds on to the time consumed. With our digital onboarding feature a candidate could easily check all the requested documents and could forward a digitally signed version of them as and when requested.

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