A system that can take your recruitment process to the next level

Check out the full feature list of our Applicant Tracking system to know what is required for your recruitment needs.

A complete solution to start off with job post then to placement and finally analytics which are tailor made to best suit your business needs.

We believe in delivering recruitment software which is worth spending the money and would deliver a good ROI. It’s really not that complicated to switch.

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Keep in touch with your candidates and have them updated

Having candidates apply to a job and checking their CV is not enough for finding the right talent. Modern day recruitment demands asking a lot of questions and getting candidates to reply as quickly as possible. This is a time-consuming task and makes the recruitment process much slower when you have to pick up your phone for SMS or calling then use your inbox to manage emails. But what if all 3 modes of communication were present in the software itself and just a button click away?

Customised application screening questions

Using a same set of questions of each vacancy is not a good approach. Feel the power of having a completely dynamic application form which will not only help to find right candidate but also filter out unnecessary questions. With an application process of as less as 3 questions a candidate could join the community!

Schedule and conduct interviews within the same interface

Interviewing candidates to test their skills is a basic need so if this can be performed from scheduling to conducting in the same interface without having to manually call and speak to the candidate, that would really help to get the right candidates hired quicker.

Preferred supplier list

Keep the gates open for incoming responses. Enabling this feature allows authorised agencies or contacts to upload candidates directly into your system without even having to log in which means a higher number of responses.

Make the employers feel comfortable

We offer a complete white label solution for not only your recruitment agency but also for all your clients. That’s right, with a full client branded job posting and email notifications, your clients or different company brands are always going to feel comfortable while the vacancies are checked by candidates.

Job Authorisation

Allowing your hiring managers to directly post job adverts externally may always risk the quality of content and money being lost in duplicate posting. With this feature, job posting is always controlled and checked by nominated managers or departments before being forwarded onto job boards and being seen by candidates

The list goes on…

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